I Belong to a "Kindness Matters" Group
Here is our list of 12 different charitable organizations ( with their website links )
and we ask you to VOTE for your favorite
We will donate up to $1,000 to the charity that received the most votes that month
Rules: One vote per day
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Stephen Lewis Foundation - turning the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa ... more

Fairtrade Innovation Fund - working to bring fairtrade to more lives ... more

Habitat For Humanity - a world where everyone has a decent place to live ... more

Donors Choose - wherever learning happens, you can make a difference. ... more

Accion - helping millions help themselves ... more

The Salvation Army - for such a time as this ... more

Build Africa - Education to end poverty. ... more

Kiva - loans that change lives ... more

Appalacian Sustainable Agriculture Project ... more

Unicef - advancing the cause of humanity ... more

United World Schools - Education helps children live Happily Ever Smarter ... more

Red Cross/Red Crescent - assistance without discrimination ... more

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